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Efficient & Competitive

PROBLEM: A client has a new line of products that will be sold both at wholesale level and retail level. Its competitor has a full 4 color box currently on the shelf. Our client needed to sell its image as well as its product in order to get it onto the retail shelves. In addition, they wanted a similarly constructed box with 1 color printing for the wholesale trade.

SOLUTION: Stephen Gould Corporation was able to design, prototype and produce 5 boxes in 4 color process. The full color graphics was printed directly onto the white corrugated and had the look of a major production box. After the client’s administration approved the packaging composition, we made 50 more that are on their way to the retail outlets for approval. The same structural design was used for the less expensive wholesale version and will employ the tooling used on the more elaborately printed box to eliminate duplicate costs.

RESULT: Our client has scored a major success with chain retailers by letting them see how an actual production display will look. Stephen Gould Corporation offers companies the chance to present their products in full marketing dress which results in maximum appeal for their prospective customers.



G’Day! Radioactive Medicine Gets Package Design

Stephen Gould Corporation, NY was recently given an assignment from a client who is making a metal container for an Australian concern. The objective was to construct a secure package design to transport radioactive seeds. These seeds are made to be planted into the liver of a cancer patient. But it is the radioactivity of the seeds that caused the concern to the manufacturer. The pack consists of a metal vial that has to be protected from extreme conditions. The final pack is required to withstand a direct hit from 12 pound, 1-1/2″ diameter pipe. The pipe is to be dropped from a 16 foot height directly onto the Stephen Gould container. The pack itself is then to be vibrated for 2 hours and then dropped 22 feet on to the ground. Thankfully, the tester did not have to be dropped along side the package. Through all this torture, the package must remain intact. To add to the complication, a size limit was imposed by the Australian client; the final pack had to be water resistant, printed white and manufactured in small quantity for testing.

The result was a masterpiece created by Jay Calnen who combined rarely found high density, shock absorbing foam with B/E flute double-wall corrugated material and military “V” board to create an indestructible pack. Stephen Gould will be responsible for the production and assembly of all the components of this pack. It will be delivered as a printed, finished unit to the make of the radioactive seeds.



UV Coating Now Applied In Line When Printing Folding Boxes And Displays, Drastically Cutting Production Costs!

Stephen Gould Corporation has partnered with a group that has the capability of printing folding boxes, displays and easels with a high gloss UV coating. The capability significantly cuts down on the cost of applying the ultra-high gloss coatings to any high quality paperboard product. Previously, box-board would be printed and then transported to a specialty contractor to be coated. The board would then be returned to us for die-cutting and gluing. The cost in time and product loss was as significant as the extra cost of the additional set up.

Now the UV coating is applied in line which makes us competitive with any house, but also gives us the ability to produce some of the highest quality paperboard boxers in the industry.



Our most important product: we care!

We at Stephen Gould Corporation appreciate who we are as a company and what our products mean to our clients.

Packaging is not a product unto itself like medical supplies, aerospace equipment, kitchen tools, and others. PACKAGING IS STRICTLY A SUPPORT INDUSTRY.

The only purpose of our products is that it facilitates the marketing, economic distribution, protection, and handling of your product.

If we can’t reduce your operating costs, make your product more attractive as well as safer and keep track of your inventory, we are not doing our job. In addition, our staff has to be an extension of the best part of your staff to fulfill our mandate.

Fortunately, this is exactly what the culture of Stephen Gould Corporation is all about.

We know that late deliveries cost you money by having to rearrange your production schedule.

We know that the smallest quality problem can affect the smooth running of your lines.

We know that by taking advantage of a portfolio as complete as ours, you can experience cost reductions through vendor reduction and redundancy. We are nimble enough and educated enough to seamlessly supply, as a single source, a variety of different products as well as design graphic and distribution services. To accomplish a smooth flow of different Corrugated, paperboard, flexible and plastic products, we have to be well educated in each of them as well as have the commitment to be sure your company is operating to peak efficiency.

What we do BEST is walk the walk! By our caring and commitment we can be a major force in bringing your new product to market as well as cut costs of operation for your present items.

Because we take pride in our work.

Because we won’t settle for doing just a good job.

Give us a try. We will exceed your expectations!



A New Way To Produce High Quality 4 Color Process Boxes In Preproduction Quantities

Stephen Gould Corporation is proud to announce an addition to our already impressive spectrum of unique packaging products.

For years, it was either impractical or outrageously expensive to produce printed floor displays, counter top displays or boxes that are printed in offset quality. To begin with, the cutting dies needed to make floor displays or even partitioned counter tops were over $3,500.00. Printing plates could run as high as $10,000.00 So, to make only 25 or 50 of them was out of the question. Now with the new CAD cutting machines and our exclusive printers, Stephen Gould Corporation can make the most elaborately printed displays and boxes with NO TOOLING COSTS AT ALL. Applications for this new technology are many. It is important for those who are test marketing new products and need preproduction sample packaging in full color.

  • It is possible to produce graphics on a box or display in various ways for focus group studies.
  • Printing a new graphic so that one can see how it looks in full dress before making the financial commitment of the plates and dies for a high quantity run makes for cost effective product development.
  • Low quantity high value items can now be packaged in boxes with elaborately printed boxes without the monumental expense of the printing plates and cutting dies.
  • Floor displays and counter top literature partitioned displays can be produced in quantities as low as 10.
  • Industries such as the wine vintners can have gift packages made in full art colors and not have the packaging cost more than the wine.
  • Trade show exhibitors can now have favors packaged with a full logo on it — or make two or three floor displays at an affordable cost.

At a time when investing in marketing, promotional and preproduction packaging can be the difference between a mediocre reception and a successful product launch, the ability to have a first class presentation that matches the quality of a new brochure at an affordable price is critical.