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ESD Packaging


Antistatic: Ability to resist triboelectric generation of static charge.
Conductive: Ability to conduct an electric or static charge.
Dissipative: Ability to drain a charge, yet not conductive.
Insulative: Cannot conduct an electric or static charge.
Shielding: Capable of redirecting an electro-static field so its effects will not reach stored or contained items.

Antistatic Material

Antistatic Packaging Bags
Permanently antistatic transparent bags meet MIL-B-81705B, Type II. They are available in 4 and 6 mil thickness, can be stored indefinitely and are cleanroom acceptable.
Zip-Lock Antistatic Bags
These transparent bags qualify as electrostatic discharge prevention per DOD Standard 1686 and DOD Handbook 263, and meet static decay rate provision of MIL-B-81705B. Clean-room safe. Sizes 4”W x 6”L to 12” x 12”.
Benstat® Bags
These transparent bags are available in 4 and 6 mil thicknesses and meet all ESD requirements of MIL-B-81705B, Type II. Clean-room acceptable. Can be stored indefinitely. 2 mil bags and custom sizes available.
Metallic Antistatic Bags
When grounded, this 3-layer, static shielding metallized bag creates a Faraday cage; sizes 3 x 5” to 15 x 18”.
Cushioned Shield Bags
Three-layer bubble-cushioned bag with metal-foil center protects against ESD, EMI, RFI, shock, impact and vibration.
Reusable Black Antistatic Pouches
Multi-wall configuration with bubble cushioning; polymer construction creates Faraday-cage effect. Various sizes.
Antistatic-Foam Shield Bags
Combines cushioning foam with RFI and EMI shielding. Various sizes.
Centurian® Coating Benefits
Centurian is a water-based graphite coating that ensures a high safety level for costly ESDS materials by providing a barrier from static charge. It is available on most corrugated products, including regular slotted cartons, die cuts, tote boxes and more. Centurian is not only a cleaner and safer product to inventory and handle, but non-flammable and non-explosive, as well.
Caddy-Pack® Transporters
These transporters immobilize components to eliminate sliding or shifting and facilitate hands-off handling. A Hook ‘n’ Loop™ recloseable system for easy access and security. ESD performance is safequarded. Available in Kraft and Kraft Foil.
Conductive Tabletop Laminate
• Zero voltage suppression, total charge drainage
• Resistant to heat, chemicals and most solvents
• Meets DOD Handbook 263; MIL-B-81705B, FTMS   101B, Method 4046
• Cleans with soap and water
Conductive Floor/Table Mats
• Permanent dissipative, indepedent of humidity
• Clean-room safe
• Non-slip matrix; cleans with soap and water
• Pre-cut 24” or 48” wide, or 50” rolls
Thermoform Staticure®
• Both sides of package static dissipative
• Both sides non-contaminating Staticure® is a Registered Trademark and proprietary process of Metallized Products, Inc.
Wrist & Grouning Straps
• Grounds staff at work statons
• Connects to work area, floor and table mats.
• Non-irrative material
Wrist-Strap Tester
• Protects against static damage
• Lightweight
• Tests 270 K or 1 meg resistor stops
Pocket Megohm Meter
• Advanced silicon-gate ASIC electronics
• Safe, accurate, easy to use
• Compact, lightweight, rugged
• Over 1,000 tests on single charge
ION Air Blower
• Ultra-efficient laminar flow
• High output creates rapid chart dissipation
• Non-nuclear; no harmful ozone
• Swivel base
Other Conductive Products Available
• Antistatic foam cushioning
• Antistatic bubble cushioning
• Antistatic cleaner
• Non-nuclear static locators
• Black nylon conductive bags
• Conductive foam that’s humidity-independent
• Portable conductive workmats
• Conductive tote boxes & product bins
• Conductive shunt bars for PC boards
• Transparent conductive bags
Conductive Corrugated
This material can be coated on 1 or 2 surfaces with a conductive ingredient which dissipates electrostatic charges. It can be made with removable cell partitions and liners. A high luster, dust-free coated surface is available for clean room requirements.
Surface Resistivity: 103 – 106 ohms/sq. inch (ASTM Test Method D257)
Electrostatic Decay Rate: 0.36 second (Test Method 4046, Federal TMS 101B; meets electrostatic requirements of MIL 81705B)
Physical Data
The conductive material is non-flammable, non-explosive and can be manufactured in single wall, double wall or “E” flute corrugated.