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Foam, Plastic & Paper Products

High Density Polyethylene

Double heavy gauge thermo-formed plastic returnable and recyclable packaging trays cradle products for shipment in multiple custom designed packets. They can be made to work with existing trays and stack/lock together to provide greater truck density and more efficiency in the material handling system. Typical systems will pay for themselves in just four or five return trips.

We are a leader in custom industrial cushioning, with fabricating facilities to produce sheeting from 1/4″ thick, die-cuts, laminations, built-ups with corrugated and chipboard, convolute, foam envelopes and molded processes.
We accommodate special product needs such as military jet afterburner units, using wood, polyethylene foam, corrugated and barrier material.  


Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam is non-abrasive, non-dusting and available in ether or ester to absorb shock and provide cushioning. Die-cut urethane protects any shaped product and can be laminated to other foams or corrugated board to create greater rigidity. Convoluted foam is a die-cut process which surrounds parts and locks together to cushion items of varying sizes.


As a closed cell structured foam in an expanded form, Polyurethane has the finest qualities available of any interior protective cushioning material. In compliance with MIL-C-26861A, it is resilient, lightweight, minimizes shock and dampens vibration.

Expanded Polystyrene Foam

EPS, “Expanded Polystyrene Foam”, is a thermoplastic available in sheet form, roll form, die-cut, laminate and molded forms. It is lightweight, water-resistant, with low density, good structural strength and rigidity. Our exclusive high density Thin Wall molded EPS allows for thinner side walls and tighter cavities for better product fit. The close tolerances allow thin wall molded trays to be used on automatic robotic packaging lines.


Our abilities are only limited by your imagination. If you have a new product that needs graphics and packaging or want to dress up an existing one, give us a call at 800-989-1914 or email us at info@gouldny.com.