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NICE PAK – Structural Design

The objective was to develop a display to Home Depot specifications that would help to sell heavy duty cleaning wipes for the Nice Pak® brand, Grime Boss®. The channeling of the work through a central person who then was able to let me know the timing aided me in communicating the development time line to my client. The team pulled together a display that had a minimum number of components, yet looked strong and spectacular. Photos were taken for approval and the presentation was made – and then the client changed their mind! Instead of 96 pieces, they wanted 72 pieces on the display! Two days later we had the redesign without a whimper from the group. One of the most enjoyable parts of working with the Wexford group is that you can argue about design and function all the while knowing that this is “our” team, and that we all have the same motivation and goal.


TULA FOR LIFE – Graphic Design

TULA is a skin care company that was recently purchased by a PE firm with any eye towards accelerated growth. Their VP of marketing is an animated, enthusiastic and dedicated member of the Tula team. Her objective was to come up with a “kick-ass” unique image keyed towards sophistication, modern taste, clear messaging and “STAND OUT” VISIBILITY. Kathleen and the team were able to converse with our contact at Tula to grasp the image Tula was seeking.  She offered 4 different alternatives that resulted in Tula’s current image.  In a subsequent endeavor we were all able to create an iridescent image of Tula’s face mask product.