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Engineering Services

Our design department is involved in every step of the project.  From conception to production. Fully CAD capable, we are able to marry function with aesthetics.  This is initially accomplished through photorealistic renditions used as a stepping stone for presentation.  At this point preliminary materials and methods of production are chosen according to the project’s needs (this is driven by structure, form, cost or a combination thereof).  From there a prototype can be realized which seamlessly carries the look of what was on paper into the reality of the physical piece.  Upon approval the design department will take the project into production where close communication with our factories will be maintained until the completion of the project.

Graphic Design Services

  • Structural design in plastic, paperboard and corrugated

  • Wire and in-store fixturing

  • Graphic Design: original or 11th hour touch-up

  • Negative conversion service

  • SLA and prototyping services

  • State of the art equipment


Our abilities are only limited by your imagination. If you have a new product that needs graphics and packaging or want to dress up an existing one, give us a call at 800-989-1914 or email us at info@gouldny.com.