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Paperboard Packaging

Paperboard comes in a variety of types.

Some of them are:
Brown Newsprint (recycled newspapers)
Clay coated newsback (brown board with 1 white surface)
SBS board (white all the way through)
Coated and uncoated.
Laminated plastic.

We can make the following with any of the above boards:
Board for blister cards.

We can supply plain board or printed board with:
Silver Mylar coatings
Holographic coatings
Aqueous coatings
UV coatings.

Let us help you design the right box and graphics for you.

Our abilities are only limited by your imagination. If you have a new product that needs graphics and packaging or want to dress up an existing one, give us a call at 800-989-1914 or email us at info@gouldny.com.

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