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Stephen Gould Corporation has been designing and manufacturing better packaging systems for over half a century. Through the use of a wide variety of materials we offer you an economically well-balanced packaging program for safety in shipping, ease of handling, and tools for marketing.

Other Useful Materials

Cortec VCIS
provide exceptional protection against corrosion without the labor-intensive clean up of conventional products. Cortec products are safe and do not contain nitrites or other harmful chemicals.
VCI Papers
are simple, economical, safe to use, and provide multimetal protection. They eliminate the need to inventory a variety of papers for each of the metals that you need to protect.
VCI Films
provide immediate, continuous, total corrosion protection in a variety of forms to suit all of your packaging needs, while eliminating rust claims.
VCI Foams
combine multimetal VCI protection and desiccant action in one simple effective step. They work alone or augment other Cortec packaging products to insure total coverage, even in recessed areas.
VCI Cushioning
offers a powerful combination of security and corrosion protection for sensitive equipment and can be customized for nearly any packaging requirement.
VCI Inserts
are effective and easy to implement, offering complete VCI protection with a simple, dosage-specific application.
Cortec Integrated Solutions
provide complete corrosion protection for any corrosion problem
Shipping Materials
• Tapes
• Carton sealing
• Paper masking
• Reinforced strapping
• Poly tapes
• Cloth
• Mylar film
• Vinyl, electric
• Aluminum foil
• Lead foil
• PVC film
• Cellophane
• Acetate fiber
• Double coated
• Polyester
• Pressure sensitive
• Dispensers
• Color coordinated
• Printable tapes
• Meets applicable Government Specifications
Providing quality packaging materials and services to our customers.
• Shipping
• Antistatic warning
• Hazard warning
• DOT warning
• Mail handling
• Pressure-sensitive
• Specialty
• Packing list envelopes
• Aluminum UL
• Bar coding
• Pin fed
MIL-SPEC Products
• Stretch film, wrap and equipment
• Shrink film, wraps, bags and sealers
• Tip indicators
• Conductive-antistatic material handling boxes
• UPS/Parcel Post scales
• Industrial scales
• Strapping tools and accessories
• Edge protectors
• Nails and staples
• Pallets, dollies, hand-trucks
• Steel and plastic strapping
• Shrink tunnels
• Reusable steel containers;
• MIL-D-6054 & 6055
• Die-cut, laminate, molded foam cushioning using polyurethane, polyethylene, rebounded urethane and rubberized curled hair.
• Desiccant MIL-D-3464 bags
• Humidity indicator cards & plugs, MS-20003-3 & MIS-18013-3
• Barrier materials, bags and case liners
• VCI-VPI papers, MIL-P-3420
• Government V, W, and V2S board
Business Forms
• Custom Forms
• Snap-a-part sets up to 12 parts
• Continuous forms up to 8 parts
• Bound sales books, manifold books, guest checks
• Continuous MCR encoded checks
• Complete bindery finishing
Custom Stock Snap-A-Part Forms
• Each part individually press printed
• Quantities as low as 1,000
• Bond or carbonless paper
Total Forms
• Continuous forms compatible with software
• Imprinted forms and envelopes shipped in 6 days or less
• Unimprinted forms ship within 48 hours

Not sure which forms fit your software? Call your Stephen Gould representative!

Poly Bags and Barrier Material
Ensure protection against environmentally-related damage. All types of interior packaging levels and methods can be provided.
Polyethylene Bags
• Pouches
• Liners
• Tubing and sleeves
• Shrouds
• Sheets
• Die-cut parts
• Gussetted
• Wicketted
Header card bags for display, with multi-color printing available
Closures include:
• Heat seal
• Seaming and perforations
• Lip bags
• Flopover with adhesive, Zip-Lock® or snap
• Foldover and cripmped bottom heavy gauge
Packing List Envelopes
• For documents to PPP-E-540
• Protective covers available
• Labels available
Jiffy Bags
• Superior cushioning
• Outstanding moisture resistance
• Top-notch insulation
• Built-in tear tape
• Strong kraft outer lining
• Available in 14 popular sizes
Also available are:
• Padded book bags
• Utility bags
• Macerated paper pads & blankets
• Lighting Bag
Astro-Cell® SPC “Bubble-Out” Bags
• Bubble wrap in bag form
• Extended tape-sealing lip
• Creates a cushion of air
Bubble Material
• Mil Standard wrap
• Flexible and transparent barrier film
• Nylon barrier
• Excellent dampening qualities
• Convenient to use and pack
• Available in rolls and sheets
• Mailing pouches in various sizes
• Heat sealable or adhesive sealed
Barrier Material
Combinations and laminations include:
• Poly/kraft/foil
• Cellophane/poly/foil
• Tyvek
• Mylar film
• Glassines and greaseproofs
• Foil/nylon/Tyvek/scrim
• Mil Specifications to MIL-B-121, MIL-B-131, MIL-B-22191
• Bag specification MIL-B-117
• Export multi-wall sacks with high basis weight
• Wet strength 275-350 lb.
• Vinyl dust covers
• Creped kraft
Release Papers
• Poly coated kraft papers
• Waxed or silicone paper
Rust inhibitors through vapor release
• MIL-P-3420
• Commercial and military
• Coated on kraft/poly/cloth
• Use as shrouds, overwraps, carton and drum inserts
Sentinel® Shippers
• Foam Bag
• Strong, durable tan & white kraft
• Laminated to Sentinel polyethylene foam
• UPS-able
• 1-1/2″ self-seal lip
• Heat sealable versions available
Air Kraft®
• Air-Bubble Shippers
• Lightweight
• Durable
• Economical
• All available with self-seal flap
• Can be custom printed and heat sealed
• Electrostatically protective versions available


Our abilities are only limited by your imagination. If you have a new product that needs graphics and packaging or want to dress up an existing one, give us a call at 800-989-1914 or email us at info@gouldny.com.